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Instructions for Installation & Maintenance
of the APCOR Trav-i-matic with Quick Index Feature


The APCOR Trav-i-matic is a patented mechanical traversing device designed for horizontal installation. It contains an adjustable pitch variator which can be set within a given range without the use of tools. Turn the knob clockwise to increase advance per revolution.

The Trav-i-matic device operates on any smooth straight 1" diameter steel shaft. The rotation of this shaft causes the Trav-i-matic unit to advance a given distance to preset stop where it is automatically reversed and will travel in the opposite direction along the shaft until it meets the other stop. A quick index feature releases pressure and permits easy and rapid movement to the desired location without power.

The rate of shaft rotation in combination with the pitch, or advance per shaft revolution, creates the linear speed of the Trav-i-matic unit. The maximum rotational rating of the shaft is 600 RPM which, when combined with the maximum pitch of the Trav-i-matic of 1", will result in a maximum linear speed of 50 feet per minute.

The Trav-i-matic basic unit is provided with mounted track bearings which must be contained to prevent the Trav-i-matic unit from rotating with the shaft.

If the Trav-i-matic is supplied with a frame and shaft assembly, it needs only to be firmly mounted to a fixed surface. The input shaft drive may be from an independent motor or it may be driven from another shaft to effectively coordinate the layup of a product, such as cable or rope, on a rotating reel. The side limit stops can be moved and tightened to control the traverse width.

NOTE: It is absolutely necessary that the shaft rotates with the TOP COMING towards the NAME PLATE SIDE of the Trav-i-matic. If the assembly orientation is changed, the direction of rotation of the shaft must be verified before use, or else damage will occur.

Trav-i-matic traverse assemblies may be ordered in either a Right Hand (RH) or Left Hand (LH) configuration. If no direction is specified, RH units will be supplied. To change "hand", simply remove the snap rings which contain the shaft in its frame. Next remove the shaft enough distance so that the Trav-i-matic box can be removed. Operate the Quick Index tab, slide the box off the shaft, turn it around, and slide it back onto the shaft. Reinstall the snap rings.

The traverse mechanism shaft should be kept clean and well lubricated. Once every six months the name plate cover can be removed and a light coating of lubrication sprayed into the mechanism.

Download Trav-I-Matic Drawings (PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).


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